3D Wedding Video


There are only a handful of specialist videographers in the UK who can film your Wedding in 3D…..


One of our cameras is a Professional 3D camera which produces stunning 3D video. This is double the resolution of Sky 3D TV, this is full 1080p x 2 3D video as found on 3D Blu Ray movies.


The whole editing workflow is mastered in 1080p 3D and provided to you on 3D Blu Ray — it really is amazing!

And….. any movie filmed in 3D can be provided or watched in normal 2D if you wish….so there’s nothing to lose!


It is true 3D filmed with a dual lens pro camera, not 2D upscaled to 3D. If you wish we can discuss this in our initial chat and if you have a 3D Blu Ray player and 3D tv we can provide you with a sample disc to view.


You’ll need a 3D Blu-ray player and 3D tv to fully appreciate our 3D wedding movies but wedding movies shot in 3D can also be provided on Blu Ray or DVD in ‘Anaglyph’ (red/cyan) format so that you can get the 3D experience on a non 3D/normal TV. This is much sharper and viewable than the ‘old’ movies and gives a good taste of 3D —we supply the glasses!


So, if your movie is shot in 3D you can receive it on 3D Blu ray, 2D Blu Ray, 2D DVD or 3D ‘Anaglyph’ (with glasses provided) on Blu ray or DVD. What a choice!








Enquiries/email: weddingreflections@virginmedia.com